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Our Approach

Sustainability requires us to operate at the junction of three overlapping systems:

The wider Social and Natural Environment


The People involved and their Interactions. 

We help you work from this position

The Activity you are engaged in

When working with an individual we help you to recognise the network of systems to which you belong from the biological through the psychological and social systems to the ecosystem. We seek to engender a broader and deeper self-knowledge and an awareness of how problems in one system are impacting on other systems in the network. This empowers you to take effective and informed decisions for your wellbeing and that of others.

When working at the level of the organisation we enable you to identify the interactions within and between the three systems above. We work with you to develop processes that allow you to effectively increase the health and wellbeing of your people and the wider environment, whilst protecting the viability and sustainability of your organisation . 

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