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Building Integrated Person-Centred Primary Health Care

  • Our unique programme for building effective integrated health care in local communities.   It supports ground-up development by trusting the competence, commitment, creativity and potential of those working within the health service, the local authority and the community. 

  • It enhances and supports a willingness to work collaboratively to deliver a biopsychosocial model of health. The participants’ skills and experience are the building blocks for the creation of bespoke health care.

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  • By using blended learning and support the training is realistic in terms of time and cost. An on-line learning and reflection programme for each participant is followed by an on-site team workshop to enable the team to develop projects.

  • This professional and personal development programme is facilitated by experienced team coaches and trainers, all with clinical expertise in the health and care sectors.

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The course provides 7 hours of CPD for each participant.


It's cost is £1,400 inc vat for the complete course (up to ten participants).


Discounts may be available.  Contact us to find out more 

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