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Our team


Dr Helen Jellicoe


Helen is an accredited executive and team coach (EMCC, ICF) with a background in clinical and neuro psychology.   She worked in the NHS for over 25 years and in private practice for 10 years. She is particularly interested in empowering individuals, leaders and their teams to make the transformational change needed to ensure sustainable change.

Mike Image.jpg

Michael Jellicoe


Mike has spent his working life running an accounting practice with specialisms in the voluntary sector and small business.  He has a particular interest in governance and has significant experience in setting up systems that facilitate the intentions of the key people in the organisation.

Andrew A Parsons PhD edited.jpg

Dr Andrew Parsons


Andrew is an EMCC Accredited Master coach/mentor and certified professional medical coach. He is an experienced applied scientist, business leader, wellbeing practitioner and innovator.  He is passionate about supporting people and organizations to adapt and thrive following challenge, change and disruption. 

Sarah Corrie image.jpg

Professor Sarah Corrie


Sarah is a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Coaching Psychologist. She has a national and international profile relating to training and supervision in the fields of applied psychology, mental health, cognitive behaviour therapy and coaching. In 2016, she was the recipient of the British Psychological Society’s Achievement Award for Distinguished Contributions to Coaching Psychology.

Image - Sue Jackson.jpg

Sue Jackson


Sue is an Accredited Master Executive Coach and co-developer of leadership programmes. Her varied career has at its core empowering people and enhancing their wellness and well-being, particularly when they face challenging transitions. She develops the qualities needed for aware and resilient leaders, managers and team members.

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