There are many ways an organisation can be constituted. Each will have its distinctive characteristics. Depending on what you choose there will be consequences you need to be aware of before making a final choice. Importantly whichever model you use can be tweaked further so it more closely reflects your priorities.

We advise on this from years of experience working with the boards of companies, social enterprises and charities.

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You will need to reflect your priorities within your governance model. This will define the internal structure and management protocols of your organisation. Again our experience and emphasis on pragmatic solutions means that we can work with you to tailor your procedures to achieve the outcomes you set for the organisation.

Your business will be nested in a wider structure that is likely to require you to follow protocols and guidelines set by an industry or professional body as well as those mandated by the government. Our advice will recognise the compliance responsibilities you have and seek to ensure these are readily satisfied by the procedures you adopt

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