Measurement Monitoring and Evaluation

A key feature of systems is that they are internally self determining but influence and are impacted by the environments in which they exist.

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In order to achieve sustainability you need to be able to measure and monitor your interactions with the other systems that touch yours and respond to them.

We recognise that there is so much available data that this process can be overwhelming   Our experience allows us to help you define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are both relevant to your priorities and provide an effective indication of your impact on the environments that you interact with.


We can show you how to use these KPIs to inform your decision making and better move your organisation towards the objectives it has set.

Should you wish we can also make periodic visits to provide you with an independent report on your achievements set against your objectives   This can be useful in identifying issues you may have missed and as a motivational tool to support your staff and operations.