Active Learning Service

Our active learning service is effective in achieving desired outcomes and is time efficient.


Programmes are designed to promote personal, team and organisational development. They are for staff, their leaders and other key stakeholders. 


We provide blended learning programmes consisting of personal online guided learning and reflection followed by  a participatory workshop.  

The online learning affords individuals within the organisation the space to learn and reflect away from the social and time pressure often found in a workshop setting. This frees up the workshop to become a co-creative shared decision-making space where all the participants voices are represented and heard.

We offer ongoing coaching and mentoring on all our training and development programmes, to support the design, implementation, and review of the change agenda.


To identify your requirements



  Individual Learning and Reflection


Interactive Team Workshop


Coaching, mentoring, Consultancy 

We specialise in Health and Social Care, All Small Businesses and Start-ups. Some of the more popular topics are shown here but please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.